Irish Lottery Results for Saturday, October 10, 2020

Ireland's most popular and multimillionaire creator lottery result for October 10, 2020 has been announced please check the result below. The results includes Plus 1 and Plus 2 numbers also with lotto plus raffle. Checkout all three draws and see if you are jackpot winner. Please keep in mind that you need to match all six numbers to win the jackpot. Other winning odds details are shown in the table below result.

Irish Lottery Results for Saturday, October 10, 2020

Today's Jackpot for Irish lottery is €3,500,000

Winning numbers for the Irish lottery Are as follows,

03   05   16   22   28   41

Plus 1
11   19   22   29   32   42
Plus 2
13   26   31   33   36   37

Lotto Plus Raffle-2617

The details of Drawing of Irish Lottery is update on October 10, 2020 at 8:15 PM (GMT)

Before claiming any winning amount, Winners are requested to their winning numbers carefully with lotto official.

There are eight prize tires in Irish Lotto. You can found them below in the table with odds of winning and prize value of the each tire.

  Prize Category   


  Price Value  

Match 6
1 in 10,737,573
Jackpot (Minimum 2 million)
Match 5 + Bonus Ball
1 in 1,789,596
Estimated 100,000
Match 5
1 in 44,740
Varies(3.22% of Prize Fund)
Match 4 + Bonus Ball
1 in 17,896
Varies(0.81% of Prize Fund)
Match 4
1 in 918
Varies(5.24% of Prize Fund)
Match 3 + Bonus Ball
1 in 688
Varies(3.49% of Prize Fund)
Match 3
1 in 54
Estimated €9
Match 2 + Bonus Ball
1 in 72
€3 Daily Million Quick Pick 
(With Daily Million Plus)
Overall odds of winning a prize is 1 in 29

How to claim Prizes?

Claiming of winning lottery prizes is depends upon how much amount you won in it also from where you brought your ticket. You have 90 days after the result announcement to claim your winning amount. For retailer players it is required to show their physical ticket to claim their winning amount if their is no slip payment can not be made. So keep your slip somewhere memorable & safe place. Also it is advisable to sign on ticket to validate your identity.

Claiming prizes for Online ticket:

  • For prize up to €99- Paid in your online account directly
  • For prize range €100 to €499- Paid by cheque and cheque will sent to your address which provided while signing up.
  • For prize range €500 to €9,999- Paid by cheque after submitting prize claiming form with suitable identity.
  • For prize €10,000 and more- Paid by the cheque at the lottery headquarters in Dublin. The ticket must undergo a validation process and ID is required
  • For prize up to €100- It can be redeemed at any one of 3700 Retailer over the country. Also retailers are authorised to pay amount up to €2,500 at their own discretion.
  • For prize range €100 to €14,999- Claimed at dedicated An Post offices across the Republic of Ireland.
  • For prize €15,000 and more- Paid by the cheque at the lottery headquarters in Dublin

The result ware announced on the official sites we are just republishing it on our sites. Please check at least once from official site for particular states before claiming any of the winning amount.

Note: We are not official of Irish Lottery Site. Please be verify your winning amount with Irish Lottery Officials