Irish Lottery: Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2, Lotto plus Ruffle And Its Gameplay!

The majority of the population is thinking about making quick money. Fortunately, there are ways by which one can make instant cash. It is all matter of luck. Have you ever tried your luck? What come the instant thought in your mind? Lottery, yeah! The lottery is one way that is connected with luck and easy money. Many try their luck and among them there were, are and going to be winners of millions of dollars. Irish Lotto Plus 1 is one popular lottery game which not only lets you win jackpot money, but is also connected with some good causes. This is cherry on the top of the cake.  Well, if you are not a winner of a jackpot still you can win. Read ahead to know more about Irish lotto games.

Irish Lottery: Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2, Lotto plus Ruffle And Its Gameplay!

Irish Lotto Plus 1

If you play Irish lotto then you know that it is an additional game like lotto 2 that is played whilst the major game. The best part of this game is that its jackpot consists of one million Euros. This is one big number and the reason behind its popularity.  It is very easy to understand. It is played like any other lotto game and you will have to match all the 6 numbers that will be drawn and you will be the winner. It is all matter of luck here. Another best part of this game is that there are no rollovers. Well, you will not always get a chance to win the jackpot so you can win other fixed prizes which are amazing. To get these prizes you will have to match at least 2 numbers. Yes, there is a bonus ball as well. There are many other such exciting things associated with Irish Lotto Plus 1.

How to play Irish Lotto Plus 1?

Playing Irish Lotto Plus 1 is not a rocket science you just need is the tickets. First, you need to do is to buy a ticket and for that, you will also need is a play slip. This will automatically take you to the 3 supplementary games. Then there are 6 major numbers and also a bonus ball drawn for the game. The players are going to choose their own numbers and also entered the game. 1 million Euros are for this game as per line. In case you are not good at making decisions then you can pick Quick Pick Option where you will get random numbers.
To play this game you will have to play additionally, but it is worth the money. The game pulls out 8 guaranteed prizes and you can be a winner of one of them.  Every week there are 2 draws on Wednesday & Saturday for this additional game. The draw is done after the Irish Lotto. You can check out the set of available prizes on the website of the Irish Lotto.

Odds of Winning for Irish Lotto Plus 1

Irish Lotto Plus 2

Irish Lotto Plus 2 started in 2002 and its format has changed several times. After Irish Lotto Plus 1 comes the lotto 2 which is also the other part of the major game. The game prize is 250, 000 Euros.  The format of Lotto 2 is similar to the lotto 1 and for that, you will have to pay just one euro. There are 8 fixed prizes for the Irish Lotto Plus 2. You can win the prize by matching all the six numbers or can win other fixed prizes. There is one bonus ball also available.
Both the lotto games are very simple, but to win the lotto ticket you will need luck and strategy. In the lotto games numbers of the lottery are drawn randomly, but there are patterns which one can track to make winning numbers. You must mix both the odd and even numbers because only the odd and the evens are rarely drawn. You can also repeat the winning numbers because there is a chance that you win it.

Odds of Winning for Irish Lotto Plus 2

Lotto plus Ruffle

If you have bought lotto tickets then lotto ruffle is going to give you one more chance beside the major lotto, lotto 1 & 2. You don’t have to pay any extra money for it.  On your lotto ticket, there will be a 4 digit number which is called raffle number which you will have to match the number drawn. The prize money is 500 Euros. This new addition was done in 2015 and several other changes were also made.  This has really boosted the count of players or Irish Lotto.
Another best part is that more amounts are being donated for the good cause. The winner is not just the one but multiple people are chosen as winners. You can see the results on the evenings of Wednesday & Saturday. If you want to increase your chance of winning raffle lotto, then you must tick for the option given as ‘Plus'. After that you will be entered for the raffle, Lotto 1 & Lotto 2 paying 1 euro per line. You must have your tickets on the days when the draw is held. Check numbers for all the three lotto games and also the raffle code. You now have to match the numbers and get your prize. There is no claim for any partial codes and all the digits must be in order.

Chances of winning 

The chances of winning all the lotto games are different in numbers, for instance, to win in the raffle the chance of winning is 1 in 10,000. No matter how you take this number, but there are many who are regularly playing Irish lotto games and winning prizes. On the other hand the more the players the more money is collected for the good cause.  There are many lotto games played in different parts of the world, but not all the fair enough. Only a few take care of the others and donate a part to the needy. There are different Irish lotto games like Irish lotto bonus ball & Irish Lotto betting if lotto games have sparked the interest in you.

Irish Lotto Bonus Ball

When it comes to additional prizes, then the role of the Bonus Balls comes in. the Bonus Balls are essential if you are a regular ticket holder allowing a chance to get some additional prizes. The importance of the Bonus Balls is not limited to Lotto only, even it is also important for Lotto Plus 1 and Plus 2. However, you should also know when you are going to consider the Bonus Balls for Irish lottery that they have some relevance to those who become a part of the lotto betting along with several operators that provide wit the markets of the three draw’s bonus balls. The results of the Bonus Balls changes every time that you can come to know about online or by using the official website of the Irish lottery.
In actuality, what is the Bonus Ball? This ball is a kind of a chance that can help a person to boost the size of his or her prize if they lose out on the jackpot just by a single number. Getting into the play of the bonus ball requires deep understanding of how it works.

The working of the Bonus Ball!

It is important to select and match 6 numbers to hit the jackpot and win it. The players of Irish Lotto and others including Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 will have to go with this strategy. But there are 7 balls to be drawn in each game. Now, what the seventh ball is for? It is 7th ball, which is considered as a Bonus Ball and it is acquired from the left 41 balls in the lotto machine. When it comes to Irish Lotto, this ball comes into play, when a player also matches 2, 3, 4 or 5 main numbers and when we talk about the balls of the Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2, these main numbers are 3, 4 or 6.

How is the Bonus Ball beneficial?

There are some cases, in which the Bonus Ball offer some benefits in the form of additional prizes. It is the ball, which is capable of creating additional prizes in some situations. However, matching 6 main numbers with the Bonus Ball is not an easy task, even impossible as you are going to only choose 6 balls on the ticket. So, if you want to have some information regarding the draw history of the Lotto Bonus balls, then you can pay a visit online as there are a number of third party websites, which give the detailed information on the lottery results including bonus balls, and much more.

Good Causes 

Being established in 1986, the main motive of the Irish National Lottery was to support the valuable communal projects through the Republic of Ireland, with €4.7 billion or more raised so far. The collected funds are being shifted to the Irish Exchequer, which is responsible to distribute the money to different projects. The targeted projects in different areas include Culture, Arts, National Heritage, Irish Language, Health and Welfare, Recreation, Sport, and amenities along with the youth.
The funds from different Irish National Lottery games have a major focus on boosting the charitable fund. These lottery games including EuroMillions, Lotto, TellyBingo, and Daily Million devote €0.30 per €1 consumed. There are some worthy projects, which have obtained the funding from these lotteries. For that reason, you can start your research online, where you will be going to have the detailed explanation of the funding for different projects by the Irish National Lottery Games. Some of the projects, which have obtained funding recently are mentioned below:

  • The Circle of Friends center having a base in the Tipperary Town has obtained an award, which permit them to continue to give therapies and support to people who are cancer sufferers. Not only are the sufferers, even their family members being supported for free of cost. There will be more opportunities to see this year when it comes to purpose-built amenities.
  • In Rio de Janeiro game in 2016, 45 athletes are sent by the Paralympics Game, and 17 of whom has taken an advantage from the Irish national lottery player’s support. Through the funding, competitors such as runner Michael McKillop was awarded with gold as a winner and swimmer Ellen Keane to focus on their sports for the whole time. 
  • Drogheda Community Services supported the elderly people in the form of lottery money. This way, the facilities are being improved and given help to those senior people. This community operates a day-care facility in the won, where users can have an opportunity to dine together, get grooming facilities, and the most exciting one, they can take a part in a huge variety of social activities. 

Of course, players even do not know; when they purchase lottery tickets, they are helping indirectly the needy people by giving them an option of funding. It is a good cause of the Irish Lottery game that they experience to a great extent and it leads to the betterment and maintenance of the Irish Society.

Play now!

Once you know essential facts about the Irish National Lottery game, it is the time to try your luck and hands in any of the games like Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2. The game rules are explained and you just need to pick up a strategy and start playing it to win more money.

Tips and tricks 

To accelerate the chances of winning, one can go through a number of tips and tricks, which show some strategies by the experts and already wining players. There are some techniques like playing in a syndicate, Irish Lotto Subscription, random numbers, big jackpot, and a lot more you can find online or the authorized website of the Irish National Lottery Game. You can easily pick up numbers through the internet right now or visit any authorized vendor in Ireland if you want to give this lottery a try!